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As someone who used to be a practicing school psychologist, and the husband of a Spanish Teacher, I know the plight of being an educator.  The simple fact is that between 40 and 50% of new teachers quit in five years.  Five years!  That tells me that the life of being a teacher is not easy.

One of the issues that is causing a lack of satisfaction (but not the only one) is the low pay that comes with being a teacher.  A starting teacher’s salary starts at approximately $38,000.  While to some this may not sound bad, this is a pretty modest start when you’ve got significant student loans hanging over your head.

With these factors it is easy to see why a lot of teachers would be looking for a side-hustle to help them live a little easier and pay off student debt a bit quicker.

Here are my seven favorite side gigs for teachers that can get you earning extra money.  Most of these can be up and running in as little as a week! I’ve included a bonus at the bottom that isn’t a side-hustle but can still result in earning (winning?) some pretty cool stuff.

1. Teachers Pay Teachers

This is one I actually have tried myself.  Although the number of school psychologists looking for materials on Teachers Pay Teachers is much smaller than teachers, it was still an interesting experience.  On my account I sold a record review template and a teacher checklist.  The truth is I only sold a few, but again I don’t think school psychologists are the main market for TpT.

Some educators have had huge success with TpT.  As of 2016, there have been 14 teachers who have earned over $1 million from Teachers Pay Teachers, and another 300 who have earned more than 100k. Obviously, this isn’t a typical result, but you can see that there is certainly the possibility to make good side money with TpT.

2. Tutoring


Tutoring is one of those opportunities for teachers that is either a strong yes or no.  For many teachers they don’t mind providing one-on-one or small group tutoring in addition to their regular teaching job.  But I would argue just as many can’t stand the idea of spending more time teaching than they already do and would like a side-hustle opportunity that is completely different from their 9 to 5.

If you are in the former group then tutoring can be a great way to make extra income that will allow you to work in a way in which you are already comfortable.  Thanks to the internet, tutoring marketplaces have sprung up on all corners of the web.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Care.com – A marketplace for many things other than tutoring, Care.com is probably the largest marketplace for tutors.  This is good for those who want to do face-to-face tutoring in their local area.

Skooli – Skooli a website that provides virtual tutoring on your computer, tablet, or your smart-phone.  The nice thing about Skooli is it allows for Facetime like meetings between the student and tutor.  You can set your own schedule and earn $25/hour.

Chegg Tutors – Another virtual tutoring service, tutors can begin earning $20 an hour.

VIPKid – Another quality virtual tutoring service that currently is offered in 35 countries, has 40,000 teachers and 300,000 students.

3. Freelance Writing


I’ve talked about freelance writing on this site before in the article for the 10 Best Side-Hustles You Can Start Today.  The truth is that I myself have freelance writers on my staff that help me create quality content for my sites including thedailywant.com and bestoutdoorbasketball.net.

In fact, my main writer is a college student who spends about 10 hours a week writing for me.  He earns $18 an hour.  Not bad money for a guy who still lives in a dorm.  And I’m happy to pay that rate as his writing is better than mine and I admit that he is a more efficient worker than I’ll ever be.

To get started freelance writing, I highly recommend you joining UpWorkThis is a marketplace for all things freelance.  You can find someone offers services that vary from a writer to CAD designers to coders.

If you have a background as an English Teacher this may be a great side-hustle.  Show your skills as a writer and you’ll have a lot of website owners hunting you down for writing projects.

A tip would be to start by charging less than your competitors to build your reputation as a freelancer.  5 star reviews are of the utmost importance on UpWork and you’ll need them to demand top dollar for your services.

4. Virtual Assistance

With the rise of the digital nomad and more employers choosing to contract rather than directly hire, the opportunities for virtual assistants has never been greater.  When you are a virtual assistant you are essentially the jack of all trades and will handle work that can range from taking calls, customer service, data entry, social media engagement, website maintenance, among other duties.

There are plenty of places to find work as a virtual assistant online.  Check out a few of my favorites below:

  1. Upwork
  2. TaskRabbit
  3. Indeed


5. Uber/Lyft Driver


Uber and Lyft have completely changed the game when it comes to transportation.  Now anyone with a solid background and a driver’s license can get behind the wheel of their own car and start watching the cash roll in while you drive passengers home from their workplace, a bar, sporting event, among other things.

These taxi service apps allow for maximum flexibility in your schedule as you control when you decide to clock in.

This opportunity is best for those who are night owls as your biggest earnings will come from late night drives home from bars and clubs.  You can also make bank if you drive during peak hours.

6. Create a Website/Blog

Now we’re talking my language.  I’ve used websites and the like to build a full-time income for the last two years.  But all the shimmers is not gold.  To be successful in this space you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of building a website, how to rank your pages, and marketing your property to build readership.

Not an easy task but the rewards can be worth the effort.  Over time you have the chance to build something that is truly special and can become a real earner.

On the flip side if you are looking for something to make you money immediately this isn’t the side-hustle for you. Building traffic takes time and ingenuity.  Expect to spend at least a couple years before you start to get traction.

For teachers interested in building their first blog/website, I recommend using SiteGround Hosting. Also, be sure to see my comprehensive guide on getting your first website live within 15 minutes!


7. AirBnB


I’ve used AirBnB many times, especially during a cross country trip in 2015.  Personally, I enjoy having a more genuine experience of a town or city than what a sterile hotel provides.  You also get to meet interesting people as part of the experience.

For those who host, AirBnB can be a great way to make some side income.  Have a home with an extra room, or even just a couch?  Great! You can be a host.

To see how much your property could potentially earn from short-term rentals you can use this calculator.

Bonus: Enter Giveaways

Recently, I posted an article for those running giveaways with tips on how to expand your reach and total entries.  On the flip side, you can become a master of entering giveaways.  It may not be money, but you’ll have the chance to win some really cool stuff, and if the prize isn’t for you you may be able to sell it on Ebay or LetGo for money.

The truth is a lot of giveaways don’t get that many entries for a couple reasons. First, people don’t actually think the giveaway is real.  And in some cases that may be true, but the majority of giveaways are the real deal and not just ways to get your email.  Second, most people think that there are tons of people entering, but the truth is that often giveaways will have less entrants than you’d think.

Here are some tips to get started on your way to winning giveaways:

  1. Enter Giveaways on Amazon – A little known feature of Amazon is that they host literally hundreds of giveaways at any one time
  2. Check giveaway directory websites regularly
    1. online-sweepstakes.com
    2. contestchest.com
    3. giveawayfrenzy.com
    4. bloggiveawaydirectory.com
    5. contest-corner.com
  3. Subscribe to giveaway SubReddits
    1. /r/giveaways
    2. /r/sweepstakes
  4. Learn more tips on how to increase your chances of winning


Are you a teacher with a side-hustle? If so, what are you doing to make some extra money?  For all others, which of these is your favorite, and which one would you remove from the list? Let me know in the comments!

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