Beyond Amazon Associates: How One Affiliate Article Will Net Me An Extra $400 A Month in 2018

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Amazon Associate Referral Program Changes

Last March, Amazon made some huge changes to their associates program that you can read more about in my Amageddon! Article.  Being that my business relies heavily on the Amazon Associates program for revenue I was obviously concerned about the change and how it would impact the future prospects for my business.

At the end of the day while I lost out on a ton of money from these changes (sometimes I still count up the money I missed out on because I’m such a glutton for punishment), I saw the silver lining in that Amazon was making the changes to keep the program viable for the foreseeable future rather than shutting the program down altogether.

You Just Don’t Love Me Anymore, Amazon

The unfortunate truth is that as Amazon has grown and as a result their need for affiliate marketers like myself has shrunk.  More and more consumers go straight to Amazon.com not only to buy their products, but to see reviews of said product to verify quality.  While I have mixed feelings about the accuracy of Amazon’s reviews, this is the reality we live in the world of e-commerce in 2018.

Digging Deeper for New Affiliate Programs

“There’s gotta be an affiliate program in here somewhere.”

With this in mind it was high time for me to begin looking for other affiliate marketing opportunities beyond the Amazon Associates Program.  While Amazon Associates continues to be my main source of affiliate revenue, I needed to come up with affiliate opportunities to that could make up for at least a percentage of lost income due to the Amazon Associate Program changes.

Being that my main site’s niche is basketball this is no easy feat.  Unlike other niches like personal finance or web design, there are not that many profitable affiliate programs related to basketball.

Success #1: Vert Shock

One area of basketball that seems to garner a lot of interest is ways to increase your vertical jump in the hopes of dunking.  There are several programs that offer to teach you exercises and routines that promise to increase your vertical jumping ability by 6 inches or more.

This is how I discovered the Vert Shock Vertical Jump Program, which I wrote an extensive article on after purchasing the program and it does generate income. I chose to go with this program because it had positive feedback from others and appeared to be pretty popular.  I went ahead and purchased the program and even did some of the exercises to verify the potential of the program.

Income Generation

The following are a few basic statistics from my affiliate partnership with the Vert Shock Program:

  • Sales from 2/11/2017-2/12/2018= 37
  • Revenue from 2/11/2017-2/12/2018= $1,384.55
  • Avg. Revenue per month= $115

Success #2: Stephen Curry Masterclass

When I heard that Stephen Curry was partnering with Masterclass to create a basketball training program I was really excited.  As a fan of Stephen Curry it was cool that he was creating something that could help basketball players of various skill levels.

I also quickly saw an opportunity to affiliate with Masterclass and promote this basketball training program.  Thankfully, Masterclass has an affiliate program through ShareASale and I was approved after applying.

Off the bat I knew this program had the chance to make some serious affiliate revenues.  Stephen Curry is one of the most popular basketball players in the world and many basketball players would buy this program simply because his name was attached to it.

At the same time I wanted to make sure this program wasn’t just phoned in by Masterclass and Stephen Curry.  With this in mind I purchased the program and began reviewing the content, something I strongly recommend doing if you plan to write quality review articles.

After going through all the content I was happy to promote the product as it was apparent that Masterclass and Stephen Curry had put significant thought into the project.

The Stephen Curry Masterclass Review Article

Screenshot From the Steph Curry Masterclass

If I was going to have success with this review article I needed to set my content apart from the other sites.  I did this by actually purchasing the program and going through each of the 17 lessons taught by Steph Curry, along with the other features that are included in the program.

In my review I break down what concepts each lesson focuses on and made sure to the go the extra mile and take a screenshot of the video lesson to include for each lesson review.  I also discuss areas of the program that I liked and what could of been improved to keep my perspective objective with the goal of genuinely helping visitors decide whether the program would be a good fit for them.

With all this to go over in the article, you can imagine that I wrote a good deal.  In fact, this review article came in at over 3500 words.  Most other reviews will not go into this kind of depth and again sets my review apart.

Youtube Video

Another critical piece of quality review articles is a corresponding Youtube video, which you can watch above.

As part of the Stephen Curry Masterclass I created a 17 minute review video that again breaks down each lesson and includes video clips from each lesson so that viewers get a feel for the look and feel of the program.

Income Generation

“Now that I’m making money online, I’m gonna get all the babes.”

A couple days after posting this article I began to get visitors from Google.  Currently, I average about 30 page views for this article daily.  Certainly not a huge amount, but enough targeted traffic to generate some significant affiliate revenues.

I published the article on January 13th, 2018 and at the time of writing have the following conversion statistics:

  • Unique Hits= 294
  • Net Commissions= $475.50
  • Number of Sales=17
  • Conversion Rate=5.78%

Overall, I am very happy with these results and hope that over time my article will continue to rank well as people see the value in the content I put together.  If so, I will continue to drive more sales and as a result more affiliate revenue will come in, yay!

At the current rate I will make an estimated $5,000 in 2018 from this article.  Not bad for a single quality review article and Youtube video.

The Goal of a Review Article

At the end of the day, my number one priority when creating the content was to inform my visitors.  I do not want to outright sell the program to them as this makes me a biased reviewer, and defeats the purpose of writing a review in the first place.  What I do instead is allow Masterclass sell the program to potential customers through the affiliate links that I place in my review article.

The Take Home Message

At the end of the day, resilience wins.

If you truly desire to be a micropreneur you’ll need to have an ability to roll with the punches.  There are many ups and downs on this rollercoaster and this will challenge you in a way that getting the same pay check every two weeks will not.

On the flip side, this is what makes this lifestyle exciting.  Not to mention that the financial upside is significantly greater than being an employee, that is if you are willing to put in the work.

While Amazon Associates has been a mainstay for my affiliate marketing strategy, and will continue to generate the majority of my affiliate income, their changes forced me to look at other opportunities to generate affiliate revenue.  In the process of this I learned to become more creative in my search for affiliate opportunities and thus improved my skills as an affiliate marketer.

In a weird way I have the Amazon Associate Program changes to thank.

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