How To Build Your Brand With Giveaways – 6 Tips

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Hey, its no secret, getting people to subscribe to your email list is hard AF.  I myself have had to learn the ins and outs of running a successful giveaway competition, and the truth is that I’m still learning.  Having run several giveaways now I have found some ways to help you have greater success when the time comes to run your own giveaway.  Here are six of my best giveaway tips:

1. Use Giveaway Software

For every giveaway I run I use Gleam.  Gleam makes it easy to manage your giveaway and even gives additional tips on how to successfully promote your giveaway.  On top of this Gleam integrates with most email management services like MailChimp and Convertkit.

If you’re not sold on using Gleam, there are other options out there.  Check out alternatives like Rafflecopter and King Sumo.

2. Give The People What They Want


What good is a giveaway if nobody wants the thing you are giving away?  Running a successful giveaway requires an item to giveaway that your readers or desired target market will desire.  If you are just starting out that means you may have to pay for the product that you will give away.  Don’t fret about this, it simply is a cost in marketing.

Nobody is going to sign up for a giveaway to win a keychain.  Be prepared to spend some money and get something worth signing up for.

3. Market Your Giveaway

Certainly you want people who visit your website to sign up for you giveaway, but that should only be the beginning of your giveaway marketing strategies.  Personally, I use the r/giveaways and r/sweepstakes subreddits to post any giveaways I am having.  The nice thing about the r/giveaways subreddit is that you can repost your giveaway every 48 hours.  I always get new signups from this audience.

Another way to get signups is submitting your giveaway to sweepstakes directories.  These are basically websites that curate all the giveaways currently going on online.  The benefit to these sites is that you’ll get people who like to sign up for giveaways.  On the the flip side, many of these same people are not that engaged in responding to your following website related emails which may hurt your email engagement rate.

To find sweepstake directories do a simple Google search.

Lastly, run a low-cost Facebook Ad campaign promoting your giveaway.  This is especially great because you can target your ad to those who will most likely be interested in your product.

4. Use The Double Opt-In

At first glance the double opt-in seems like a raw deal.  Requiring potential subscribers to verify their subscription no doubt lowers your conversion rates.  But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the double opt-in is actually your friend.

By using the double opt-in you ensure that the your subscribers are engaged.  Because most email list service provider rates are based on the size of your list you will be getting a better bang for your buck.  Having a small list of subscribers that love and interact with your content beats a big unengaged list any day.

But just because someone didn’t verify their subscription doesn’t mean you should give up on them.  In Convertkit you can see your unconfirmed subscribers. This allows for you to reach out to them directly in case the verification email was put in their spam folder or they simply forgot to verify their account.  Here’s a great article on how to get the most out of your unconfirmed subscriber lists.

5. Get Your Prize For Free


There are tons of companies out there with products that need exposure. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those brands that will match up well with your target audience.  For example, if you write about basketball training, then POWERHANDZ may be a good product to giveaway. Reach out to companies using their contact emails or contact forms found on their websites.

Don’t be let down if most of these companies don’t get back to you. In fact, I recommend sending emails to each prospective company twice (a week apart) as some may have not gotten your first email or forgot about it in the first place.

Another factor to keep in mind is that brands are going to be more willing to work with established sites.  The more traffic you already drive to your site the more likely these companies will want to be a part of a sponsored giveaway.

6. It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive, It Has to Be Targeted

In tip #1 I discuss that something cheap like a keychain won’t entice people to subscribe to your email list.  That really is only half the story.  You see, while your prize needs to have monetary value, it is just as important (if not more so) that your prize is targeted.

The reason to have a targeted prize is simple.  By giving away a prize that is desired by your target market you will get email subscribers who are more likely to like the content you write for your website, becoming dedicated visitors.

An iPad has a lot of monetary value, but it is not targeted.  You may get a lot of people to sign up for your giveaway but their value as a customer will be low as the audience will be too broad.

For example, again if you’re in the basketball niche, you’d want to give out a basketball related product.  Maybe a basketball hoop, or a Stephen Curry Masterclass Subscription.  That way the people who subscribe to your giveaway are people interested in the game of basketball, not just interested in winning a free prize.

Have you run a giveaway for your website or business?  Was it successful?  Do you have additional tips for TM readers?  Let me know in the comments!

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