Holidays Are Insanity for a Micropreneur

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The holiday season is upon us once again and for the micropreneurs out there this means that things are as exciting, stomach churning, and all around insane as ever.  Let’s take a journey down the rabbit hole and find out what I like and what I don’t like about the holiday season as a business owner.

The Good

As a business owner who sells or refers products that are purchased as gifts, the holiday season is by far the most lucrative time of year.  This is mainly thanks to the manipulated American public that thinks it must outdo each other by giving bigger and more expensive gifts all while charging it to their best friend, Visa.  While I have my issues with the rules to this game called capitalism, if you want to get ahead then you must play along my friend.

And I am playing along.  In fact, up until recently my best single day for estimated net profit was around the $950 mark.  But I just beat that twice thanks to the shopping behemoths that are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  This year, Black Friday’s earnings beat out Cyber Monday’s, but both were outstanding.

Black Friday

Digging into the numbers a bit more here is what we find.  For Black Friday I made an estimated net profit of $1,650.  On Black Friday I referred 204 products on Amazon Associates via my websites.  The referral commissions for these 204 products ended up being around $1300.

Black Friday Items Referred via Amazon Associates

However, if you have read my brief history you know that this is only half the story.  I also sell a product that is in the cannabis accessories industry.  I sold 25 units on Black Friday.  Generally, I make ~$12 per unit sold, making for a net profit of $300.  To those who bought, thanks for your purchases and enjoy.

Black Friday Units Sold on Amazon Seller Account

 Cyber Monday

To break my old record for earnings in a day was awesome!  Now it was time for Cyber Monday.  As more and more people do their shopping online I expect Cyber Monday to become a big of a player as Black Friday if not bigger in the world of e-commerce.

Anyway, back to the numbers.  As far as items referred from my websites, Cyber Monday actually out did Black Friday.  On Cyber Monday I referred a record 242 item sales.

Cyber Monday Amazon Associates Referral Numbers

While I referred more visitors my actual Amazon Associates earnings for Cyber Monday were less than Black Friday.  This means that the items that people bought on Black Friday were worth more than the items on Cyber Monday on average.

However, I did sell the most number of units ever on my Amazon Seller’s Account.  In fact, I sold 37 units in a day!  This smashes my previous record for units sold in a day and amounts to a net profit of around $450.

All told, my profit for the day was in the neighborhood of  $1500.

Cyber Monday Units Sold

Going Forward

I expect the Christmas season to be my best yet in terms of income.  I estimate my net profit for December of this year will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000 to $17,000.  Hopefully this is a conservative estimate.

The Bad

Scared to Succeed

As exciting and fun as it is to do well during Q4, I must say it is a bit overwhelming.  When you start out with a business you have nothing to lose.  You can only go up.  Yet, you’ll find that once you start getting somewhere that the fear of losing everything becomes more and more a factor in your thinking.

Relying on Others

On top of that I am currently frustrated with the slow process of getting more units from my manufacturer so that I do not risk running out of inventory.  Most other “gurus” that talk about selling on Amazon do not discuss just how difficult it can be working with Chinese manufacturers.  Each are different, and mine makes a good product but my god do they take their time in getting that product to me.

Trying to Grow

During all of this excitement and craziness I am still trying to grow my business in many ways.  Currently, I have hired a freelancer to help me speed up my Amazon Associate websites.  This has been a sore spot in each of sites’ performance and I am inclined to believe this is hurting my Google rankings.

Not to mention the fucking crazy bitch that Google has been lately.  Seriously Google, you are worse at making ranking decisions than my wife is at picking someplace to eat.  Just check out the Mozcast since Google unveiled their most recent update to see what I mean.

At the same time I just had a press release written and released promoting a scholarship that I started with the end goal being obtaining backlinks and SEO.

Putting It All Together

As you can see this is one of the most exciting and challenging times to be a micropreneur who sees significant fluctuations during the holidays.  While it is always fun to see how the hard work is paying off, I always have my eyes on what’s next for my business and how to make sure that the next holiday season is bigger than the last.


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