I Purchased a Website: Why, How, and What I Plan To Do With It

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Well folks, 2018 has been exciting so far to say the least.  I’ve suffered through a major cryptocurrency crash that cost me more money than I am going to publicly admit (still HODLING by the way), and now as a true addict to this game I’ve gone and spent more of my money.

I’m taking risks, my heart rate is up, my palms are sweaty, and that means I’m doing something right, right?

Like a crack junkie needing his next fix, I’ve found my new project in a website.  The site is sort of like a DudeIWantThat with a more sophisticated, manlier vibe.  The founders of the website did a wonderful job with content and in particular the visual appeal of the site, something that I feel is a weakness in my own skillset.

The Domain Revealed

Due to the professional look and fresh content, TheDailyWant has garnered some pretty impressive links from Yahoo Sports and TheBigLead.  I’m very happy to have these links and plan to use them to drive traffic through SEO and other improvements that I plan for the site.

At the time of this writing, TheDailyWant brings in around $2,000 of net profit per month.  I plan to take this site to the next level so I’ll be reinvesting most of this money back into the site especially early on in the hopes that I can build the revenues up and increase the net profit numbers by at least 1-300% in a couple years down the road.  At that point, I can either continue to build the site out or flip it.

While the site has a lot going for it, there are several areas that I want to improve, which should help both traffic and income.

Some things I plan to do in the coming months include:

  1. Improve the “Buyer Guides” while retaining the professional look and feel
    1. Actually purchase the products, test, and take pictures of each product
    2. Create rating systems and custom graphics
    3. Increase word count of each “Buyer Guide” article
  2. Continue writing 3-4 shorter articles on various viral gear topics
  3. Explore a wider network of affiliate programs to utilize outside of Amazon Associates
  4. Find a freelance worker or intern to help with content
  5. Start collecting emails
    1. May entice this by giving away reviewed products that we are done testing

For those who are curious I picked up this site at EmpireFlippers.com.  This is the first time I purchased a site from them.  In the past I’ve purchased websites from Flippa, but it appears that EmpireFlippers has become more popular due to a vetting process and more standardized procedures.

Why Did I Pick This Site?

If you go on EmpireFlippers right now you’ll see that there are many sites for sale.  Unfortunately, you have to deposit 5% of the purchase price (refundable) to get access to the domain name and site stats.

I’ve deposited a countless number of times and asked for my refund every other time before today so if you’re interested in a site don’t hesitate, you’ll get your money back if you decide not to buy.

Reason 1: Earnings

I always look at what a site is earning when I’m considering if I should buy.  I mean if you aren’t looking at this then I don’t know why you would want to buy in the first place.  Make sure to check for all the revenue streams as well as expenses so you know what you can expect on a monthly basis.

When it came to TheDailyWant, it makes money primarily through Amazon Associates and the MediaVine Advertising network.

I have a lot of experience with Amazon Associates and MediaVine is simple CPM advertising.  I liked that this gave a good revenue foundation for the site, but left a lot of room to explore more affiliate programs.

Reason 2: BackLinks

This reason alone is what led me to believe that the founders of this site knew what they were doing.  The site is pretty damn young having been created in October of 2016, but has a great backlink profile, which is huge for ranking in Google if you weren’t aware (or have been living in the Alaskan Frontier for the last 20 years).

In fact, TheDailyWant has received backlinks from Yahoo Sports and other authoritative sites, and does not, based on my knowledge and research, use an sketchy linking tactics like PBNs (Private Blog Networks).

Reason 3: Content & Topic

To buy a website, or any asset for that matter it is important to have knowledge about your target market.  With TheDailyWant I am the target market.  A male in my early(ish) 30’s and I certainly love cool gear, watches, clothes, meats, and beers so I have a good knowledge base to continue creating quality content for the site without much issue.  This is a HUGE deal if you want the site to continue to grow and have success.

Reason 4: Design & Layout

While content is king in the world of SEO and affiliate marketing, the design and feel of a site has a lot to do with visitors’ first impressions and whether they trust what your content is saying.

TheDailyWant looks stylish, professional, and has an online magazine feel.  This means that when someone looks at a buyer’s guide for the site they will take the content seriously because it doesn’t look like an amateur website wannabe wrote it.

In the coming weeks I’m going to write a guide on how to vet a website so that you can buy with confidence.

In Summary

At the end of the day whether it be cryptocurrencies, website purchases, or improving on the sites I already own I am planting seeds that I hope will grow into greater wealth.

There is no telling whether this purchase will be a huge success or will fall flat on its face, but I refuse to sit on the sidelines because of a crippling fear of failure.  I’ve done my research and I’m confident that the odds are in my favor, and at the end of the day that’s all I can do.

Lastly, if you know my wife, please send her condolences because my risk tolerance has hit new all-time highs.

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