My Cryptocurrency Portfolio-Feb. 2018

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Welcome to Crypto

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock then you’re aware of the recent phenomenon of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.  Everyone and their mother is talking about them and thinking they’ll be overnight millionaires, but to have success investing in this space you need the patience of a monk and a set of grande sized brass balls.

For an example of how volatile this market is check out my portfolio chart for the last three months:

Cedar Point Should Look at This Image as Inspiration

Let’s not even mention that you’ll also need money to invest.  A significant portion of crypto investors are investing with borrowed money, which is batshit crazy.  Don’t do this.  Only invest money you already have and know that you can live with losing it all if you make poor decisions.  At the end of the day this is an investment, not a lottery ticket.

I also want to mention right off the bat that I am not a crypto expert.  So, if you decide to invest in any of these projects you are doing so under your own power and I am not responsible for you losing your shirt and having to move back in with your mommy and daddy if shit hits the fan.

Having gotten that out of the way I will say that since beginning investing in this space in May of 2017 I’ve learned a good amount about blockchain and the potential it has to change the world in some significant and beneficial ways.

Why I’m Sharing My Portfolio

It is interesting to see the successes and even more interesting to see the failures of others as they try to make good on their investments.  Let’s just say I’m happy to be your guinea pig.

I also want to be able to track my progress as well as my thoughts throughout so that I can learn from mistakes and become better as a crypto investor.

So, if you are already invested in crypto, considering it, or want to see me go broke, let’s progress together and see where we end up.

My Investing Strategy

I would consider myself a HODLer.  This is Reddit lingo for “Hold On For Dear Life”.  Basically, this is the buy and hold crowd.  I myself am not much of a day trader, but I know some investors have made crazy money trading cryptos short-term.

In the future I may put a small percentage of my portfolio toward short-term trading as a test.

What Will Not Be Included

The amount of money I have invested at the current time will not be included in my reports.  Instead I will tell you which coins/tokens I own and what percentage it makes up of my total portfolio.

I may decide to reveal how much money I’ve invested later if I meet certain goals and I feel that it makes sense to do so.

My Portfolio

At the time of this writing I’m invested in 14 different projects.  I have different goals for each so I’ll try to include my plans for each investment in regards to timeframes.

Here are the current projects I’m invested in and the percentage of my portfolio allocated to each:


Percentage Allocated

Market Cap

As of 2/16/18

Investment Plan

 Ethereum (ETH)


170 Billion

Hold Long-Term

 Bitcoin (BTC)


91 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Ripple (XRP)


44 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Waves (WAVES)


763 Million

 Hold Long-Term

 OmiseGo (OMG)


1.83 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Siacoin (SC)


857 Million

 Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

 Monero (XMR)


4.5 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Cardano (ADA)


10.5 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

Litecoin (LTC)


12.6 Billion

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Basic Attention Token (BAT)


430 Million

 Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Civic (CVC)


155 Million

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


25 Billion

Hold Short/Intermediate-Term

There you have it.  You can see that the majority of my investments are made in some of the most well known cryptocurrencies based on market cap size.  At the same time I’ve tried to sprinkle some cash on lesser known projects hoping to hit a few base hits and hopefully a homerun.

I’ll be writing some articles on each of these projects to give you an idea of why they are in my portfolio so that you can get an idea on how I think through my investment decisions.  Again, I’m no expert but I figure we can learn more together by sharing our strategies.

What do you think of my portfolio?  Are you invested in any of these?  Which of these investments do you think is the worst?

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