My Cryptocurrency Portfolio – June 2018

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The Long Spiral To Hell


A month ago I was discussing how much I missed April when cryptocurrencies seemed to be back on track for a sustained resurgence.  Now it looks like there is no end to the despair inflicted upon those of us who have been HODLing crypto for the last 6 months.

But through this process I’ve discovered certain indicators that will let you know without a doubt whether or not the cryptocurrency market is performing well or not.  I call this indicator the “Tai” factor.  It is very simple and works without fail.  If I see Tai Lopez advertisements about crypto then I know the market is in full bubble mode.  If Tai has retreated to his rented home or garage full of Lambos (errr, I mean books) then we know that the market has shit the bed.

Also, this guy has been mysteriously absent for the last several months….

Like college Ted Mosby, but with a more punchable face

What is My Plan Going Forward?

2018 has continued to be dumpster fire for crypto, and the end seems to be pretty far down the road.  It was a lot more fun watching my portfolio grow by the day in the days of December of 2017.

That being said I’m far too entrenched in this bear market to leave it now.  I still think the future is bright for crypto, but if you’re not willing to wait 2-5 years to see the benefits to this investment then I’d suggest looking elsewhere because I think that is the timeframe it will take to see true sustainable growth.

At the end of the day so much is unproven in this market and the volatility will continue to be crazy.  The one silver lining from this long road to hell is that future gains will likely be less bubbly and more due to the execution of various crypto projects.

As long as I don’t need the money I’ve invested for other ventures I plan to keep this money in place and play the long-game long after those simply looking to get rich quick have cashed out.

My Portfolio

My portfolio hasn’t changed since my last post, but I’ll continue to keep this chart updated so you know where things stand.

Here are the current projects I’m invested in and the percentage of my portfolio allocated to each:


Percentage Allocated

Market Cap

As of 6/25/18

Investment Plan

Bitcoin (BTC)


108 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Ethereum (ETH)


47 Billion

Hold Long-Term

 Ripple (XRP)


19 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

Basic Attention Token (BAT)


 256 Million

Hold Intermediate Term

 OmiseGo (OMG)


819 Million

 Hold Long-Term

 Waves (WAVES)


281 Million

 Hold Intermediate-Term

Monero (XMR)


 2.09 Billion

Hold Long-Term

Siacoin (SC)


378 Million

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

 Cardano (ADA)


3.56 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

Litecoin (LTC)


4.74 Billion

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Civic (CVC)


59 Million

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


13.1 Billion

Hold Intermediate-Term

Portfolio Performance

Here are some screenshots of how my portfolio has performed over time.  Realize that the percentages gained/lost for 1 years and 6 months are not accurate as I have continued to add money into my investments over time, but it does give you an idea.

1 Year- +190.48%*



6 Months- -57.31%*

3 Months- -14.82%


1 Month- -21.07%


1 Week- -8.42%


(* means percentage not accurate due to additional contributions)

As I mentioned earlier I have not done much research on this recent pullback, and honestly I’m not too interested in finding out.  I’m in this market for the long haul and I am confident that most of my investments will turn out to be smart decisions.

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