My Cryptocurrency Portfolio- March 2018

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Am I Screwed?

Since the last post on my crypto portfolio, let’s just say that things have not gone as I’d hoped in the world of cryptocurrency investing.  To be honest, shit has hit the fan multiple times in 2018, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given the unsustainable gains that were achieved in the later portion of 2017.

What’s Going On in 2018?

I’m not going to pretend as though I’m an investing expert, because I’m not.  But I have heard a lot of rumors on Reddit and elsewhere giving possible explanations for the crypto crash.  These range from the Chinese New Year to Wall Street Bonuses.  All of it so far has proven to be wrong.

My perspective is that this large pullback is simply a regression to the mean as the rise that took place last November/December was completely insane.  If you are going to play the long game like me, then crashes in a volatile market like this are to be expected, especially after crazy bull runs.

Bitcoin and other major cryptos are not like the tulip mania crash, and I find that those who promote this idea either do not understand the value of crypto or have other reasons for wanting others to have a negative view of this asset class.

Am I Scared?

While I have lost many thousands of dollars in gains during this crypto crash, I can say confidently that I’m not scared.  I get frustrated at times seeing my portfolio rise a few grand in value only to come back down.  This pattern has repeated itself countless times this year.

At the end of the day, I believe in the technology and the future prospects of cryptocurrencies.  The vast majority of the projects I’m invested in I believe in whole-heartedly, and the ones I’m not as fond of I will be moving to other crypto projects once they’ve sat invested for a year so that I can take advantage of the capital gains tax rate.

I’m not scared.  It helps that I’m still playing with house money, meaning I’m up on my crypto investments overall. Despite my recent loses I’ve never had any sleepless nights due to a cryptocurrency crash and for that I am most proud.


It is cliche’ in all investing, but if you are going to get into cryptocurrency investing you MUST do your own research (DYOR).  Do not listen to Youtubers tell you what to buy, or me for that matter.  I simply write these portfolio posts to inspire interest in the broad crypto market, not as investment advice.

My Portfolio

My portfolio hasn’t changed since my last post, but I’ll continue to keep this chart updated so you know where things stand.

Here are the current projects I’m invested in and the percentage of my portfolio allocated to each:


Percentage Allocated

Market Cap

As of 3/22/18

Investment Plan

 Ethereum (ETH)


50 Billion

Hold Long-Term

 Bitcoin (BTC)


141 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Ripple (XRP)


25 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 OmiseGo (OMG)


1.08 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

 Waves (WAVES)


458 Million

 Hold Intermediate-Term

Monero (XMR)


3.2 Billion

Hold Long-Term

Siacoin (SC)


405 Million

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

 Cardano (ADA)


4.9 Billion

 Hold Long-Term

Litecoin (LTC)


8.8 Billion

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Basic Attention Token (BAT)


197 Million

 Hold Intermediate Term

Civic (CVC)


82 Million

Hold Intermediate/Long-Term

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


16.52 Billion

Hold Short/Intermediate-Term

Portfolio Performance

Here are some screenshots of how my portfolio has performed over time.  Realize that the percentages gained/lost for 1 years, 6 months, and 3 months, are not accurate as I have continued to add money into my investments over time, but it does give you an idea.

1 Year- +1,669.72%*

6 Months- +228.52%*

3 Months- -43.60%*

1 Month- -33.04%

1 Week- -5.17%

(* means percentage not accurate due to additional contributions)

As you can see my portfolio has seen better days, but I’m hanging in there and confident in the long-term prospects.  The cryptocurrency market is nutty and no one knows what’s around the corner, but I am sure it will be exciting.  Here’s to better days to come!

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