About The Micropreneur

Who Am I?

Hey there, thanks for finding me through your journey on the interwebs.  My name is Nick Daniels (a.k.a The Micropreneur) and for the last two years I’ve been living entirely off of income that I generate from a portfolio of websites, selling products on Amazon, and investing.

If you think that I must be a computer nerd to be able to have success in this space, think again.  In fact, I took one intro to computer course in college and I can only do rudimentary HTML and CSS coding, certainly nothing special.

I live in the rust belt of Ohio with my wife and daughter.  In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, good food, better beer, and anything outdoors.

Why Are You Making This Site?

I’ve been in business for several years now and want to “pay-it-forward” by helping aspiring online micropreneurs build successful lifestyle businesses.  It has also been brought to my attention that few people realize these types of opportunities exist.

If you’ve researched affiliate marketing and private labeling you’ll know there are about a trillion or so similar sites out there touting income reports, strategies, and interviews with other successful business owners.

To be honest, I find the vast majority of the content these sites publish to be informative, but boring as hell.  Where’s your sense of humor make money online gurus?

My goal with The Micropreneur is to create a site that is both informative, but actually entertaining to read.  The fact is that if you want to learn internet marketing strategies you have many websites to check out, but if you want to learn internet marketing strategies with some silly shenanigans mixed in, I’m your guy.

Let’s Learn Together

At the end of the day I believe in the desire to learn.  I also believe that the fear of failure is the biggest killer of creativity and imagination on the planet.

Trust me, I’ve failed with many websites and ventures and if you take the leap into starting an online business there is no doubt that you’ll have some low points.  But if you take the time to learn from those failures you will figure it out and find success, that is a promise.

Damn, I’m freaking pumped now that I wrote this!  Let’s dig in and learn about micropreneurship together!

Nick Daniels
“The Micropreneur”

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