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Thanks for checking out TheMicropreneur resource page.  Here you will find different products that I use to make my journey as a micropreneur a little bit easier.  I’ve categorized these so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for whether you are trying to brain storm business ideas, market to your target audience, obtain hosting, etc.

FYI: Some of the links here are affiliate links, which mean I receive a commission for a purchase you make.  Please realize that I use every tool that I list.  This way I ensure that my visitors are getting great products to help them build their micro-empire.  Please do not feel pressured to buy anything based on my recommendation.  Check out each tool and see if it will meet your specific needs.


The following are tools that I use to build the websites I own.  These tools range from hosting to finding freelancers to help me code or write content.


I use two hosting providers for my sites: MDDHosting and SiteGround.  There are other good ones out there, just don’t make the mistake of going with a hosting provider owned by EIG.  Find out why I don’t like EIG here.

Hosting Company



Plans start at $2.55/mo.


Plans start at $3.95/mo.

Email Marketing

Getting visitors to subscribe to your email list is huge when it comes to the long-term success of your website.  When it comes to email marketing I use the following tool:

Starts at $29/mo.

Domain Registration

I have GoDaddy to register pretty much every domain I own.  They are well known and I’ve not had a problem with them.  However, I do NOT recommend their hosting services.

.com domains for $8.99

Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is an open source software program that makes building and managing your web properties easy.  You don’t need to know how to code to use it (though knowing some basic html and CSS helps), and it makes writing content simple.  Available within your hosting package with MDD and SiteGround.


Premium WordPress Plugins

When you have a WordPress site you will have to download several plugins to add features to your website.  Amazon Affiliate WordPress (AAWP) is an awesome product table plugin that makes it easy to create professional looking tables in minutes.  I’ve recently switched to this plugin for my tables and I am super impressed.

Starts at ~$50/Year

Stock Photos

Currently I use for my stock photos.  I don’t have a strong connection to this company, but they’ve always worked.  There are many options out there that may be better.

Starts at $39/Month


I hate taxes as much as the next person, but they are an unfortunately reality for business owners.  I use Quickbooks and have been happy.  For the first three years I did my bookkeeping on a spreadsheet.  My recommendation, just pay for Quickbooks it makes up for itself with the time it will save.



I go to Upwork to find freelancers that will help me by writing articles, creating logos, and writing custom web apps.  You can find someone to complete almost any work related task on their marketplace.

Varies By Project

Giveaway Software

Gleam is my go to when it comes to running giveaways on my websites.  They offer awesome promotional materials and tips along with integration with most email service providers.

Varies By Subscription


I’ve been investing in cryptocurrencies since May of 2017.  It has been a crazy ride so far with many ups and downs.  For those interested, please don’t take the decision to invest lightly.  It is a very volatile market, so don’t put money in that you can’t afford to lose.

If after some thought you decide to move forward, then here are some tools that will make investing in crypto easier and more secure.


One of the most common questions asked by beginners is “How do I buy Bitcoin?”.  Coinbase is my answer to this question.  Coinbase makes it easy to buy Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.




Fees Based On Deposit Size

Fee Varies


As I’ve mentioned on TheMicropreneur, I’m more of HODLER than a trader. However, I still use trading platforms to move in an out of cryptocurrencies when needed.

Trading Platform



Fee Varies

Fee Varies

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are the best option for securely holding your cryptocurrencies.  These are physical products that are plugged into your computer via USB and allow you to access your cryptocurrency assets.

Wallet Name



Starts at €79


Software Wallets

While hardware wallets are the most secure, they are not compatible with every cryptocurrency.  I use Exodus as my desktop wallet as it has proven to be secure (so far) and offers compatibility with a larger number of cryptos.


Web Resources

Due to crypto’s high volatility I recommend checking regularly for information on the market.  They also have a nice rating system to help you determine which projects are worth investment.



Iphone and Android apps are great for keeping tracking of your cryptocurrency portfolio as you may have currencies stored in multiple wallets.  The Blockfolio App gives you a good overview on how your investments are doing and will give you the latest news in cryptocurrency.



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