The Only Income Report I Will Ever Post

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I know they are popular, and I know they get traffic, but I have a confession to make about income reports.  I hate them!  They do nothing but lead you to compare yourself to others, and in doing so income reports are making you miserable.  This is similar to the effects of social media, but that’s another story.

And guess what, I’m just as susceptible as anyone else is to comparing myself to other entrepreneurs and their successes.  Each time I look at an income report I’m disappointed in my own achievements or may at times feel superior if I make more than the person providing the income report, neither of these are good outcomes for my mental health.

Income Reports Do Not Lead To More Productivity


I liken income reports to masturbation.  It’s exciting at the time, but in the end you are no closer to getting a meaningful relationship.  Income reports may be fun to look at but they don’t lead you any closer to making your own money or creating your own micropreneurship journey.  They are not productive, they are mental masturbation.

The goal of TheMicropreneur is to create a community and website where people feel inspired, but not disappointed by their own progress or lack there of.  I want you to leave TheMicropreneur feeling better about yourself and your opportunities, not worse.  Income reports simply don’t line up with of this website.

Income Reports Distract From The Grind

Income reports show only the rewards and in a way take away from the journey of getting there.  In my opinion, the journey is the most important aspect to finding success.  By learning from the ups and downs you can become a better entrepreneur and a more well-rounded person.

Micropreneurship (and entrepreneurship in general) is a grind and you will likely spend years before you make any significant money.  Focus on your journey and how you plan to succeed, and don’t spend time comparing yourself to me.

Where’s The Beef?


Beyond making you and me unhappy, I have another bone to pick with the income reports I’ve seen.  The vast majority include income they’ve earned from their “make money online” properties.  And in these cases quite often 80-90% of the money they’ve made is specifically from selling their make money online programs and not from other “non-guru” related markets.

This is disingenuous to the readers of these blogs.

How can you be a make money online guru if you don’t make money from things other than being a guru? Beats me!

If You Hate Income Reports, Why Are You Posting One?

That’s a great question.  While I am no fan of income reports for all the reasons I’ve discussed above, they do serve one useful purpose, to validate that the person giving you advice on how to make money online are themselves making money online.  Otherwise, you might as well be listening to a trained monkey tell you how to become a micropreneur, right?

So, that is the reason I am posting this income report.  To show you that I’ve had real success with the strategies I teach, and not just in the make money niche.  The money I’ve made is in niches that anyone has the ability to go after.

Here Is My Income Report

Now I’ll state up front that my income report is not going to show you what I’ve made this most recent month.  I’m going to tell you my all-time earnings in both affiliate marketing and the income generated from herb grinder sales.  Again, this is about showing you I am the real deal.

Affiliate Earnings

I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for almost seven years now.  In the beginning my earnings were pretty scant.  The vast majority of the affiliate income I’ve earned is from the last three years.  In the past, I could pull my all-time earnings from Amazon Associates reporting page.  Unfortunately, they no longer allow this.  So here is a screenshot for my Amazon Associates earnings for 2017:


As you can see from the image I earned $63,163 in Amazon Associate Earnings for 2017.  All-time I estimate my affiliate earnings to be in the neighborhood of 250k.

Grinder Sales

Similar to Amazon Associates, the Amazon Seller Account will only allow you to look at three years of sales data.  So here is a screenshot of my grinder sales from 6/29/16-6/29/18:


Looking at this image you can see my gross income from herb grinder sale were $271,414 between 6/29/16-6/29/18.  Obviously, this is not my net income as I had to pay for inventory and other fees, but it gives you a general idea.  My margins for this product are around 40%.

All-time I’d estimate my gross earnings from grinder sales to be approximately 350k.

All-Time Micropreneurship Earnings

Between all of this I’ve had over 600k in gross earnings, with about 55% being profit.

As you can see I have a long history in affiliate marketing and selling physical products.  I’ve had more success than most in this space, but there have been plenty of other entrepreneurs and micropreneurs who have made a lot more money than me. If you measure success by dollars then they’re better than me.  I’d argue there’s more to life than that.

At the end of the day, I try to think about ways to improve and plant more “money seeds” that will grow over time.

Summing It Up

So there you have it, the only income report I plan to post on TheMicropreneur.  Hopefully this instills a sense of trust in me based on my results.  I’m not perfect, and I’ve failed many times, which is something not shown in this report.  Be aware that if you want any success in this space you should be prepared to grind and work harder and smarter than your competitors.

The one thing I will say is that if I can do this then you can too.  I truly believe that and hope that this belief is passed on to you and gives you the courage to take the plunge into micropreneurship.  Cheers!

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